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As as cold warrior who still has the opportunity to near make the comparison on a daily basis. I very much prefer hearing the loud, throaty roar of a precip to the overbearing whine of a turbine.

George V

In my view, there's not been a better looking airliner than the original 707. Something about the proportion of the fuselage, the shape of the nose, the big vertical stabilizer with the spike antenna, and the 4 engines that are not overly large because of the fan.


Back in '98 I was in Columbia, SC for my son's graduation from AIT and inadvertently gotten a room under the approaches to the airport. The noise was less irritating than the big piston engines I used to hear back in the 60s. I could barely hear the AC as they passed overhead. High bypass turbofans make a huge difference in noise as well as fuel consumption.


Forgot. Jets also add mass to the mix. It isn't just accelerating air.

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