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Ah, he had it comin'.

ron snyder

One of our larger target shooting ranges is building a "Shoot, Don't Shoot" addition to their range. I am very much looking forward to trying it when they get it finished. I keep running possible scenarios in my mind (similar to what I do when riding a motorcycle or driving a car) so that if an event occurs I increase my chances of responding efficiently and effectively. The SDS course should be very helpful. 40+ years of hunting and target shooting should have a fair degree of muscle memory built-in: it is the mental part that will probably be a challenge.

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Unfortunately a bloc of our population seems to believe in the "Mary Poppins" application of LEO's magically discerning with 100% accuracy, every situation.


An interesting video. I am reminded of a clip I saw a couple months ago of a community organizer in (IIRC) Arizona who went through a "shoot/don't shoot" course. He shot at least one "innocent." He was quite surprised. :)


Found the video:


The way to keep from getting shot by the cops is don't do anything to attract their attention. If you do get their attention, then cooperate. To get your back up against someone with the ability to use deadly force is foolish in the extreme.

In almost every case, the problem is someone that thinks "ain't nobody gonna tell me what to do."

No one would like to see the cops ditch the LEO attitude and regain the peace officer attitude come back ore than I. But, the way of the world these days, is the crooks are armed and will use those weapons. Or, in the case of Ferguson, will try to take the weapon from the cop. I don't blame the cops, frankly, and given the circumstances they have to live with, they aren't as trigger happy as they could be.


I don't think those BLM folks realize what they are saying about black males. According to the BLM there is a long and well known history of police shooting black males for the slightest excuse. And, we are told, the practice continues.

Now I am not saying that I am any smarter than black males, but if someone carrying a gun tells me to freeze, I freeze. If they actually point a gun at me the only movement you will see is me quivering with fear.

Why is BLM telling us that black males are too stupid to realize this? That, when someone who allegedly will shoot you for any reason at all, you shut up and do what they say.

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