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Captain Ned

Is that the same unit from the Arnold file "Commando"?

Captain Ned



It is indeed, though the film portrayed it as an HE weapon.

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Oh crud, I remember those. There was also a ground emplaced version with more barrels that fired CS gas rockets.


in 86 we had one in our arms room in Germany. it was the FIST team that had it. never got to fire it though.


We had about 6 of these in wall lockers in our 82nd 2/505 PIR HSC arms room in 1998. We never got to shoot them but had to inventory them all the time. The original wood box and shipping paperwork were stored in a conex in the motor pool.

Buck Buchanan

In 1981 I had 3 assigned to me in my mech platoon in Germany. We fired them in 1983 (ammo lots were locked prior to that due to leakage in storage). We got to shoot a whole bunch as there was a massive backload of rounds which were about to expire their shelf life. By then I was a CO XO and OIC of the range for the battalion at Hohenfels.

Best gunner in battalion was a SP5 medic from battalion medical platoon.

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