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SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Bwahahahaha-the perfect scene for this story!


The kids are probably lucky. 1st Sgt. Poophead probably gave out a heaping scoop of SOS instead of candy. "What, no messkit?!? that's your problem, private!". Or maybe a can of C-rats. Then they, too, can have the fun of trying to swap their can of "Ham and Eggs, Chopped" or "Ham and Lima Beans" for something edible.

Captain Ned

The comments are always the best part, because there's always somebody who doesn't get that TDB is satire.

Oh, and the comment that the kids' TP operation was professionally-executed is just perfect.


That's hilarious.

Oh, and thanks Captain Ned, I went back and read the comments and that cracked me up all over again.

I love it when fools get OUTRAGED!!!!! because they don't realize it's satire.

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