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Paul L. Quandt

I am happy to say that I saw Bob Hoover fly at several airshows in California some decades ago.

Paul L. Quandt

George V

I saw him at a show in the 1970's, and he did his demo in a twin engine business turboprop Shrike Commander(?). He shut off one engine, then the other, then both as he did a variety of loops and rolls. Then landed it dead stick. A great pilot. May he rest in peace, but I bet the angels are asking him for flying tips.

George V.

George V

Correction to my previous comment. The Shrike Commander had piston engines, not turboprops. Bob Hoover's Wikipedia page has a good writeup. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Hoover

George V.


I'd like to cane the FAA "inspectors" that grounded Bob. I never got to see his show, alas. But, even Yeager praised the man's flying skills.

Alas, that generation is passing. Scott Crossfield is gone, and I wonder how much longer Yeager is going to last.

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

His act was nothing but incredible to watch. He always flew in a business suit so I case of a mishap the undertaker would have less work to do, (his words). Rest Easy Mr. Hoover.

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