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CT II Raven

The account papers overs Halsey's taking the bait and leaving the landing force uncovered.

The heroic aggression of Taffy 3, with assistance from the other Taffys, saved the day.

It is interesting that more than once the Japanese had the superior force but withdrew from the battle in the face of fierce resistance.

I'll hoist one for the heroic men who sacrificed themselves

Paul L. Quandt

I have not the words to describe the actions of the men of Taffy 3 and the others who fought in that action. Those men stand with heroes both past and present.

Paul L. Quandt

Michael W. Manners

CDR Evans rightly won the Medal of Honor for his heroism; it was bestowed posthumously. As great an action by the US Navy as any in its history.

John in Philly

I read "Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors" a while ago.
Very good, and the book also spent some time showing the world of the snipes.
Most engineering ratings, snipes, spend their careers in what were usually hot and loud spaces that were filled with a maze a piping and machinery.
When combat damages lets loose what was inside those pipes, it is bad.
Hornfischer's novel was one of the few that gives a glimpse into my world.


"the Navy actually argued to bypass the Philippines, and instead invade Formosa.* But shipping and a shortage of available Army troops meant any invasion of Formosa would be delayed an unacceptable length of time."

Formosa would have taken six divisions.
Leyte took four, and Luzon ten divisions.

Philippines was more of a political decision than a military one.


"Formosa would have taken six divisions." Perhaps. On the other hand, Formosa was at the time a Japanese island while the Philippines were friendly. How many divisions would we need for Formosa after the invasion?

That's not to mention the logistic challenges of mounting an invasion from Formosa instead of the Philippines.

@CT II Raven: Kurita's staff was terribly confused at the nexus of battle. Recall that the IJN depended on optical ID as well as range & speed. From the histories I've read, shooting up the cruisers' chart-rooms with 5" added to the confusion. The Japanese CDC (to use a modern term) ID'd the DEs as DDs, CVEs as CVs, and so on. They overestimated the speed of the vessels in question as well. According to their own intelligence, they had run smack into TF 34 as it were.

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