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They still haven't fixed the system? It's been 30 years!

When I was medically discharged, they kept paying a direct deposit to my bank account for three months. Their mistake, but I had to pay penalties in addition to giving the money back.

Then on voc-rehab they discovered that I'd been getting my GI Bill too, thus double-dipping. Did the person at the VA who helped me apply for both programs at once get in trouble? Nope. But I had to pay every penny of that GI Bill back, with penalties.


I forgot to mention. "Pay them back" consisted stopping any payment direct to me for voc-rehab (they kept paying tuition) cutting off my GI Bill and cutting my disability pay until they felt they'd gotten their money back.

It was non-trivial with an inability to work because of the physical therapy and classes going on to lose all of my income for near a year.

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN


John in Philly

When the Navy changed the bonus rules after we had signed the contract the challenge when all the way to the Supreme Court.


I should have gotten my bonus in 1977 or so, but by the time the case went through the legal system I did not get a check until the early nineties.

The actual buying value of the money I got was far less than what it would have been worth.

A side effect was that those of us involved would never really trust the Navy ever again. (as to whether or not we should have ever trusted them, that needs a much longer post)

John in Philly, USN 73'-81' USNR 81'-97'


"They still haven't fixed the system? It's been 30 years!"

I am pretty sure the Roman legionaries had similar complaints. The military is a bureaucracy run by bureaucrats. It will never be fixed.

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