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SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Did the Army s&$tcan the AGS Stryker with a 105 mm main gun?

Jaedo Drax


Saudi Arabia is getting some of those mounted on their LAV6.0 units.

I guess someone finally got the gun/missile idea to work, though it's much smaller than the 152mm unit from the MBT-70

Joey JoJo Jr.

Big Army is confused again.

First they wanted the Stryker for air mobility and compactness... now they are loading a metric ton of crap back onto it...making it less air portable and bigger.

Now it will be swinging a bigger gun than a Brad- with less armor and less off-road mobility.

Did they want a IFV or a light tank? Nobody knows anymore.


Watching how Stryker is being uparmoured and up armed, reminds me of "Pentagon Wars" and (the spoof of) how the Bradley became so big


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