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You beat me to it! So, I gave you credit for posting the sad news--


Harris had some of the best lines, and I still trot a few out regularly, like "shaking cat bones and chicken lips in your face." Only those who get it, get it.



I knew him as Book in Firefly / Serenity. Seemed a good guy.

LT Rusty

URR, you left out his most important role.

You're going to the special hell for that. The one reserved for child molesters and people who talk at the theater.



Well, no. He was Detective Ron Harris, above all else, to me. Barney Miller was one of my favorites. So anything else shrinks to insignificance.


It's been a long time since I've seen the series, but one scene lasted with me.

If memory serves, Harris' book deal fell thru, and he came in drunk. Well-behaved, yet still drunk. I don't recall what Captain Miller said to him, but his response was pretty much "Go to Hell," spoken in a rather dignified & reserved manner. Not the sort of thing you normally saw on sitcoms.


He's Book from Firefly for me as well, too young to have seen him in Barney Miller I guess. A fine actor. I will mourn his passing.


The fact that we can argue about how good he was, in what, just shows how good he was. He will be missed


Watching Barney Miller episodes on the tube of you. I'd forgotten what a great comedic character actor Ron Glass was. Det. Harris or Shepherd Book, he made the character his. RIP

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