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Yeah. Dude is an arse. Herpderp, needs to relax and stop being a butthead. It's just a game. And the goal is to kill ships.

Captain Ned

It's these idiot blowhard 12-YO couch jockeys that hold me back from joining a multi-player game that I would otherwise already have joined.


Gee, I thought it demonstrated the brilliant use of one of the least capable BBs in the game. What did I miss?

CT II Raven

X you are correct as I get bored in the lower tiers, primarily because the guns tend to be more inaccurate.

This guy was the South end of a North bound horse

LT Rusty

@Captain Ned- don't let that stop you. There's assholes everywhere, but seriously, this game has a LOT less of them than most others that I've played. Guys like that are the exception rather than the rule, and I haven't seen a whole lot of griefing either. You'll see more incompetence than anything else.

You'll get more pricks at the lower levels than the higher ones, but the ones that are just trolling and griefing get bored pretty quickly, and don't stick around long enough to make it past about tier 5/6. It's a VERY rare thing to find a lot of bullshit at high tiers: they're not willing to invest the time to get to those levels, and they're DEFINITELY not willing to invest the money to shortcut the process.

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