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I remember it well. It felt strange to no longer have that sword hanging over our heads. However, it would seem that the KGB thug acting as President of Russia is determined to take us back there. His neighbors are feeling the effects of his thuggery, and his own people no longer see him with the same eyes they saw him when he stole another country's territory and declared "Krim Nash!"

The only difference between now and the end of Yeltsin's reign are the names of those partaking in the corruption. Russia is in as much trouble as it was in '89, the avergare Russian just doesn't realize the extent yet.


Well said, Sir! So many adults have no memories of an evil cabal running the largest country on Earth. It does not help that the teachers of our children won't tell the students about it. I suspect that Quartermaster is right, and that Russia is in deeper economic problems that they admit.

In other news, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of Brad's denizens!

Paul L. Quandt

Communists, foreign and domestic, are evil.

Paul L. Quandt

ron snyder

Yet another great post- you must be writing a real doozy for the New Year!

For my life the bomb and the USSR were facts of life that hovered over us continuously. I never thought that the USSR would end peacefully in my lifetime.

Russia's GDP is roughly the size of Italy's, her conventional military is dwarfed by Europes (if Europe can get their act together- and that is their problem, not America's). Nukes? Well, France and Britain also have nukes so they need to man up and face facts and the threat. Russia and the USSR have always been in deeper economic problems than they admit.

Loved your "Solidarity" project. Incredible how Poland turned out. Lech was lucky not to have faced Stalin, Pol Pot or Hitler.


I suspect much of the reason we don't spend classroom time on the evils of Communism is the same reason we don't spend time beating up on the Divine Right of Kings. Both are old, discredited theories, and the Cold War is over, you know? That was before most of these students were born. I'ts _so_ 20th Century.

And the reason we spend time ragging on Capitalism is that the failure of American Capitalism to provide for the working class, and what government should, or should not, do to fix things, was _the_ key factor in the election, no matter which side you were on.



There is no failure of American capitalism. Private enterprise is not intended to "provide" for the working class, as the working class provides for themselves by earned wages. You can take to the bank that any government "fix" will be exorbitantly expensive, socialist, and entirely ineffective. PROMOTE the general welfare, not provide it.

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