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ron snyder

The tidal effects of Trump and his team are being felt. Early days, but the flame of hope is there.

John Henry


As a former Machinist Mate 1st, I thought it one of the stupidest things ever.

I doubt that anyone would have problems changing the few that are not gender neutral already. For example Yeoman to Ship's Writer or Clark, Radioman to Radio Technician and the like.

No need to change Machinist Mate, Boatswain's Mate, Electricians Mate etc as "Mate" is already gender neutral.

I agree with Ron, early days but Trump is looking better and better every day. He may not have been aware of this issue. Had Crooked Hilary gotten in I think she and her Secs Def and Nav would have just said "Suck it up, we are not going to admit a mistake"

I suspect that a SecDef Mattis would have been very aware of the issue and very aware of the unhappiness. I doubt he would have let it stand.

Anyway, very glad to see the climbdown, whatever the reason.

John Henry

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

This seemingly parallels (w/o the gender aspect) how the Army refers to all NCO's from SGT-MSG as Sergeant. Aargh!


John Henry, I seriously doubt Hillary would consider the change a mistake...

LT Rusty

@John Henry - technically "Boatswain" is a filthy sexist term as well, as "swain" is from the Old Norse "sveinn," meaning "boy."


Richardson admitted getting rid of rating titles detracted from accomplishing the Navy's major goals with rating modernization, and that sailors pointed out there is a way to modernize the rating system while keeping rating titles.

John Henry

Lt Rusty,

But "mate" can mean spouse. So a female boatswains mate could be the Boatswains wife.

Or, in todays navy, so could a male Boatswains mate.

John Henry

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