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When I first moved to Mass. it took me about a month to figure out that "Gimme a regulah" was not a request by a frequent customer for his usual order.

The high point of my day was sitting in a DD drinking coffee, smoking, and reading the Boston Globe and the Woostah Telegram. How sad. Good coffee, though.

LT Rusty

Oh, I miss Dunkin'.

The nearest one I know of to me is a 4-hour drive or so. It's almost a good enough excuse for a visit to my in-laws, just so I can drive through Barstow on the way and get my fix.


Funny thing is, I think Casey Affleck is way better at playing a "local" despite spending even less time here than his doofy brother. He was excellent in "Gone Baby, Gone" & I think "Manchester by the Sea" is going to be amazing.
And this is why I still watch SNL. Once in a while....

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