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A traceback, a REAL one, would find the fingerprints of the BEAST, Soros, the RAT party, and their Propaganda Ministry (formerly known as 'the media') all over this steaming pile. It matters not at all. The only retards licking this up are the ones in the echo chamber.


I'm still clueless. My understanding is that, worst case, Russian intelligence hacked the DNC/whoever and released the emails. No one doubts the emails are real. So at worst, Russia is responsible for revealing the truth.

How does that invalidate an election or give cause to electoral reps to repudiate their pledged votes?

And why does the pentagon papers keep popping into my head?

ron snyder

CIA has become as politicized as the FBI and the DOJ. Some hard lessons coming soon to those folks.


This is an amusing situation. Talk about "shooting the messenger". Even if true, what exactly are those nasty Russians guilty of? Why, exposing the truth; educating the American voters about the reality of Democratic politics. The Russians allegedly turned over the rock, that's it. What slithered out, cringing in the sunlight, was not their creation. It is to laugh.

Actually, Bleachbit is a free, open-source disk cleaner available to anyone. It can be used on both Linux and Windows systems.

Oh, she is definitely an "innocent" (syn. ignorant) bumbler. Unfortunately for her, the IT people she used were also "innocent" bumblers, else her emails would never have seen the light of day.



Not sure her IT people were bumblers. My guess is that those who watch such things knew she was setting up a private server and account within days of its activation, perhaps hours. As for the Bleachbit version used on Hillary's server, I doubt very much it was the free version.


"Even if true, what exactly are those nasty Russians guilty of? Why, exposing the truth[.]"

...So you're fine with Eric Snowden not being punished, then? [/sarc]


"..So you're fine with Eric Snowden not being punished, then? [/sarc] "

I didn't realize all those DNC, Podesta, etc. files were US gov't. secrets.
Also [/sarc]

Jaedo Drax

Only Ted Kennedy can go to Russia for help in an election


@timactual Those files were somebody's secrets.

Last I heard breaking the law was breaking the law; didn't know it was ok as long as you victimize the right people.


Hey xbrad, you notice something funny with the time date stamp on yer comments?


"didn't know it was ok as long as you victimize the right people."

Nope. It ain't. I am just fed up with all the hypocritical faux outrage. I am also a believer in the theory of contributory negligence.



URR here. I screwed this up bigtime by trying to correct a spelling error, and then I ended up re-publishing with yesterday's date. And I dunno how to un-ass it.


Just caught my eye. Figured it was some sort of interwebz anomaly, or a break in the space time continuum.



It were the Russians! Yeah, the Rooskies did it!! And I got proof!


timactual: fair enough. The hypocrisy does get old.

URR: Hmmm. We may have stumbled upon a new meme: "Ronny, why isn't your homework done? Aww, mom! The Russians hacked into my laptop and deleted it!"

Pity the idea didn't occur sooner. Anthony Wiener would have found the excuse useful.


At least the nightmare of Obama is coming to an end.

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