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This farce allows the true believers to blame someone other than the Democrats themselves for the loss.

Paul L. Quandt

Liars are going to lie.

Paul L. Quandt

ron snyder

URR, thanks for the great analysis. I have a basic knowledge of cyber security (I have some smart friends that I hang around with) and the reporting so far on "Russian Hacking" seemed bogus to me. I have been in a room with my friends while they hacked into some Fortune 100 companies (we had approval from those companies to test the system, we also had a written "get out of jail" letter." I was shocked at how easy it was to penetrate companies electronic defenses.

One of the most negative aspects of all this deliberate false reporting by government agencies that once had some public trust is that the trust is gone. I agree that no smart public company is going to trust any of the DHS or other agencies with any data that could be used by a competitor or could cause harm to the company if the information became public.

Hard for me to become more cynical than I am, but Hillary managed to do so. She committed treason while Secretary of State and no one in government seems to care- certainly not on the Democrat side. Where are our Trumans, Scoop Jacksons, Daniel Patrick Moynihans?

Without the internet, and the type of information you just provided, the disinformation campaign of the Legacy Media would be impossible to counteract.

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