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Ron Snyder

Of all the billions that the Army spends, this seems like a shortsighted cut.


An SF team used for recon is a horrible waste of resources. You just don't need two officers and a gaggle of SNCOs to perform reconnaissance, at any depth beyond the FLOT/FEBA. This is a dumb move in my opinion.


That seems short-sighted. The opening moments are blind everyone from space. Now what's left of the high ground? Radars, scrambled, scrambled or fried. But you still need intelligence from behind the lines. So, " send in your snipers" ? Send in your disrupters? Now load them down with comm gear? Or their Apple phone to call home? Yup.

Paul L. Quandt

Maybe now that we have some real leadership at DOD, some good decisions will be made.

Paul L. Quandt


Our military reminds me of an aristocratic English gentleman's wardrobe. There are country suits, town suits, morning coats, evening wear, etc., and various and sundry accessories and shoes for every possible occasion.

LRRPs (they will always be LRRPs to me, just as a mess hall is a mess hall and not a goldurned "dining Facility") may be nice to have but they have limited utility and are not cheap. If the need is really critical, I am sure a corps commander can find some rangers to do it.

Chris Green

If the enemy fights us like that we should have elements of our force to counter it. The French & Indian War shouldn't be lost on our commanders? Send out scouts to locate the enemy, pin them down and hammer and anvil them.

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Great points all especially timeactual. Served in RVN as a BN reconaisance platoon member and after joining the 36th Abn Bde (TXARNG) and watching its deactivation got to watch the rebirth of LRRP/LRSC/LRSD assets. Tough job to be beyond the FLOT. One lives in a hole (where you do ALL human requirements), and depend on sometimes cranky communications for the critical passing of observed intell. Of course too infil/exfil ops. I'm a bit surprised it lasted as long as it did.

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