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George V

I've never heard of a cockpit overpressure, let alone one to that extent when on the deck and not at altitude. I hope the crew pulls through.


Very strange accident. One I've never heard of happening before.

I just wonder why the PJs were at a NAS, particularly Whidbey, at the time.

The PJs were the group that my father respected most. The training is as daunting as anything the SEALs go through. Pilots were ay down on his list. He met to many that were just Primadonnas.

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

The CCT & SERE communities fill out that USAF triad of elite Airmen.

Paul L. Quandt

Air Rescue Service, standing tall, among the best.

Paul L. Quandt


Good story, but strikes me as odd. Wondering, no mobile unit, but they have an ambulances, must have been friends of the hospital staff? Lack of scene control and other related issues. I'm retired af rescueman, asst fire chief, and volly EMT.


I'm confused about the medical response and med-evac too. Can't tell if they flew to Harborview hospital in Seattle (the regional trauma center) on the Whidbey NAS SAR helo, an AF helo that the PJ's were with, or our local non-profit Airlift Northwest's aircraft.


My understanding is that the Air Force PJs just happened to be on scene, and that the transport to Harborview was aboard the station SAR MH-60.

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