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ron snyder

This type of incompetence will be low hanging fruit for Mattis. Hopefully it will also be career ending for those responsible for the ClusterFook.


Changing the DOD bureaucracy isn't going to be easy.
Rumsfeld was trying to do that in early 2001 and he was hated, leaked about, lied about and hated by every bureaucrat in the DOD.
9/11 changed his focus, but the bureaucrats hated him mightily the whole time he was there.

It's like Trump trying to make the State Dept. worry about Islamic terrorism instead of climate grifting.

I'm rooting for him, but there's gonna be a lot of anger, lying and hatred emanating from our fine bureaucratic masters.

If anybody can do it, it's Mattis.
Since neither Mattis nor Trump care about the sensitive sensibilities of our fine OUTRAGE!!!!!!! mongers who hate him anyway, it should be fun.

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

It's a Pistol, hah. Be careful, you're making sense.

CT II Raven

There will NEVER be acquisition reform unit each and every individual responsible for acquisition is FIRED, especially the woeful ACE at WPAFB (the 'experts" who's "efforts" have brought multiple successful protested acquisitions)

For example, did away with MIL-STDs at one point, so the acquisition "professionals" just wrote, verbatim, the MIL-STDs into the specs


Pournelle's Iron Law of Bureaucracy at works here. Any bureaucracy, regardless of its mission will evolved to serve itself. There are no exception.


At least they chose a good one.


I got a SIG P250C/45 as a birthday present a couple of years ago. Of course, I named it Precious. The winner is the striker version of the P-250, the P320. They should like it.

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