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In listening to my friend who does immigration railing on Facebook, there is a higher level of required due process for green card holders. An executive order could deny or revoke visas, but a lawful permanent resident has to be entitled to some sort of a hearing.

Paul L. Quandt

Well stated, thank you.

Paul L. Quandt


"But it's TttttttRRRrrrrrrrrruuuuuummmmmppppp!!!!! Aaaaahhhhh!"

"I refuse to view anything he does in any context other than that I don't like that (insert combination of @$!##, orange, Hitler, rethuglicans)!"

(Now let me tune in MSNBC and hear the stars validate my viewpoint.)


Plus, the entirety of the RAT/Leftist argument for the past nearly 3 months now can be boiled down to simply


Infantile retardation at this level, is not going to improve their standing, or how they are viewed.


Stated calmly and factually, well done XBrad. Far better than I care to do, and thus far more persuasive for those with eyes to see.

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Well said, my issue is that I have "shaved" off many liberal friends since embracing my inner conservatism. They are now acquaintances. It's been quite a process. I have told these acquaintances about the election "...Trump wasn't my main choice and I'm as surprised as you that he won, I just don't carry the disappointment you do."


ESLI, I beg of you. Do not tune into MSNBC. For the love of God. Don't. Do. it. Have mercy on your lovely wife. She'll have to deal with the remnants.


Well-written. Well-reasoned. Dispassionate and to the point. Well done.

QM: Look awayyyyyy!!!!! {grin}

Eric the OC Tanker

The controlling legal authority resides in 8USC Section 1182. the document can be found at the Government printing office web site.

As I read the law, The President can bar the entry of any alien or class of aliens (I believe this implies the it don't matter if there is a preexisting entry visa or resident alien permit.)if it is in the national interest. There is wide latitude in the law.

Please I am NOT a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV. Just a retired BDT (broke dick tanker)

You mileage may vary.


Eric is correct. The power of the President and the Secretary of State under Title 8 is rather broad. And it falls squarely in the purview of the Executive. Specifically, for the President, 8 USC Section 1182 (f). Makes interesting reading.

Mad Marsupial

My biggest issue is that the whole thing seemed a bit rushed and not fully thought out.

The guys at the 'front line' at the airports etc didn't have a proper set of guidelines for all the likely scenarios. They had to improvise and there were inconsistencies across the board. Stuff like green card holders, dual-nationality holders, and so on.

*Cue a bunch of mess and a world-wide political shit storm*

It's fine to have an idea that you think is great, but if you don't implement it well then both you and your idea start to look bad.

It highlights that none of Trumps core team have any experience in government and just don't understand how these things work. Add to that their near pathological distrust of anyone in public service, then it situation can only get worse as the administration is either not getting, or not listening, to any advice from those who have a better understanding of the machinery of government and who might have saved them from some embarrassment.

Hopefully they'll settle into things and make less 'own goal' errors like this. Being a CEO is not the same as being President!

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