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"Bring the Stupid" clan. ... oh wait that describes my ship handling skills in WoW.


Hooks, Lines, and Sinkers

Error - Buoyancy not Found


Rum, Buggery and the Lash Clan.

LT Rusty

Foxtrot Tango November, perhaps?


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - Damn I got sunk again

Slippery Jim

Paul L. Quandt

The Neptuns.

Paul L. Quandt

George V

Holy Boats?

At least, that what I was the couple of times I tried this game.

Captain Ned

There seems to be something wrong with our bloody ships today!


Barie's Buccaneers?
Always Be Capping?
Bring the Heat, Bring the Sinkings?
Embrace the Suck?
Xbrad's Expendables?
Be Right Back, Gotta Fill My Bourbon Glass?

LT Rusty

Oh, I like some of those, Mush. ETS has a good acronym. Expendable has a good ring of naval tradition to it, and EXP is a good double-meaning acroynm.

Another good option, you've probably (maybe) heard about the 'WEN,' the 'Web Enabled Navy?' It's run by 'Task Force Whiskey,' which... well, a lot of what we do in-game is fueled by whiskey, which would make WEN the 'Whiskey Enabled Navy,' which works. Of course, that leads us back to WTF, which--again, double meaning--could be read as WHAT THE FUCK or as WHISKEY TASK FORCE. Which, I like either meaning.

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