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CT II Raven

Remind me to never take a shot at Rusty, by accident or otherwise ...

LT Rusty

Damn right, Raven. Damn right.

George V

Normally a Grump video shows him dodging and weaving and changing speed. In this one it looked like he was "steady as she goes" until he appeared to slow down behind the island which only made him a stationary target for ships that could still hit him. Most odd... I am suspicious...

But then, when we've seen Grump in action before, we see only his greatest hits, so to speak, and not the equivalent of film that lands on the floor of the cutting room.


Almost appeared that Grump was drawing a inordinate amount of fire. I would like to re-iterate that I really enjoy these vids (and the website overall). Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing your clan dominate in upcoming videos.


LT Rusty

George- he was distracted that night. He was trying frantically to get a set of challenges finished up within a hard deadline which was rapidly closing in on him. As a result, he ... wasn't necessarily making the soundest tactical decisions.

At the end there, it looked like he was trying to back up and get behind cover (n00b mistake: works in a tank, takes a lot longer in something that has so much more momentum). What actually happened was worse: he skirted a little too close to that island, and grounded, with his bow extended far enough for us to beat the hell out of him but not bring his own guns to bear on me. He didn't even realize that I was in the battle with him, didn't see me yelling at him about lighting me on fire, and quit the battle before his ship had even finished sinking.

And, to be fair, I didn't show the *whole* video of the battle. There was quite a lot more to it than just what you saw there. I spanked a FLETCHER pretty good, but I over extended and got smacked down by a MONTANA and an IOWA. If I hadn't eaten a torpedo from the FLETCHER, I probably could have survived and killed both BB's, buuuuuut I was just barely too low on hit points to make it.

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