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SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Unbelievable game! There weren't that many political themed commercials but they did exist. Totally surprised Lady GaGa didn't go political during her performance. I was cheering for the Falcons...bet they're wanting to slide into a tub of warm water with a razor blade about now. Brady, you sir are a master!

LT Rusty

This was a thing of beauty. It was a thing of wonder.

God, it felt good to see.


George V

While I was pulling for Atlanta, that was a great performance in the 4th by New England. Really irks me, actually!

I did not intend to watch any of the halftime, but I came back to the TV as the show started. Pleasantly surprised by Miss Germonatta's singing of God Bless America, a few bars of This Land is Your Land, and a recitation of a portion of the Pledge of Allegiance including the phrase "Under God". Wow, I thought, this may be worth watching.
Then the regular show started and I swiftly switched to the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.


No dog in the fight. Liked the idea that Goodell had to give the trophy to Brady's team.


I was working. Boy, was it dead.

The TVs in the bar had the game on. What was it 28-3 at half time? One of my bosses expressed regret that he didn't take one of the cook's bet on New England. I asked him after the game was over if he still had regrets, and he replied "that's why I don't bet on games." Heh.

My across the hall neighbors were quite happy. Yuge Patriots fans.

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