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That was a interesting closing engagement at the approx the 6 min mark. Would've been smoother than shit if you hadn't followed by running aground. : ) Teammate showing up at just the right time is why I prefer squad based vs. individual play.

Does the new patch allow you guys to "mike" up to communicate? On games that dont have that feature my son does a work around by skyping over the wifi using his cell phone, that gets him voice commo with at least one battle buddy.

My PS3 finally died. Been playing ARK Survival on my sons PS4. Its a open world "evolution" kinda game where you start off naked and have to survive in the habitat by hunter gathering and developing skills.

Keep up the good work. I always enjoy watching the vids.

LT Rusty

You can do voice comms directly within the game, but it's annoying and full of suck. I'd rather use sandpaper as lube than use the built-in voice comms.

We use a third-party comms server that's got a lot of nifty other features too. We've got multiple channels available for use, in case we've got more than one division active at a time, as well as persistent text messaging both public and private, with the ability to have file attachments and all sorts of nifty other stuff.

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