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Cannoneer No. 4

Hard for me to imagine the Navy asking the Air Force for help against small boats.

How many acres of sovereign US flight deck would a fully fueled A-10 need to fly?


They may have needed dental work after the exercise...

Nevertheless, the Hog seems an obvious giant-can-o-whoopass for vaporizing bayliners and assorted plastic boats. It probably was never thought of before for the obvious NIH syndrome. Which aint new.

John in Philly

I used to think that a dodging small boat would be an easy target for fifty caliber machine guns.

My change of mind happened during an annual two weeks on an FF and while watching the ship's fifties engage simulated targets.

When you look at the distances over water, the pitch and roll of the ship, and the bullet flight times, it is no easy task.

It was a sobering day.


It's hard enough hitting moving targets on solid ground. There is a good reason bolt action weapons are obsolete.

Chris Green

Navalized A10 and/or OV 10 x using Hellfire missiles off LHD's makes a ton of sense.

Captain Ned

I wouldn't be surprised to find that the A-10 is already properly built for carrier ops.


Ned, I would very surprised if the A-10 is built for carrier ops. Particularly given the time frame of design. The 70s was not a good time for USAF-USN working together.

I have no doubt that AC are good small boat medicine. Until, that is, MANPADS are taken aboard the small boats.

LT Rusty

Ned- A10 doesn't have a hook, the nose gear would need to be beefed up and get a hookup for the catapult, and you'd need to figure out folding wings.

Cannoneer No. 4

Launch them with fuel and 30mm only without catapult, full throttle brakes on in to a 40 knot head wind. Let off the brakes and the A-10 should do off a Nimitz like a B-25 did off the Hornet.

Recover them ashore.

USNS Invincible could have used some A-10s.

Chris Green

It should be noted that outdated swordfish crippled the Bismarck...

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