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I just love making big booms. I don't care about the excuse. Just give me the boomie stuff, the caps and fuse, and I'm having a good time!

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Mmmm, explosives good!!!!


QM, sounds like you would get along with Heather LaCroix quite well... :)

Warning: several F-bombs dropped.


Hmmmm. Ms. Heather is certainly more fun to watch than ballistic gelatin. Did she ever hit a target? I didn't notice.


She's certainly not in Hickok45's league, but she's not too bad. :)

One thing I like about her & her husband is that they're pretty careful about gun safety, especially the booger-hook principle.


Casey, that's girlie girl stuff. When I say boom, I mean "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM!!!" That takes C-4. I'll settle for Semtex, tho.

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