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SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Why, because as a rule of thumb them Dems can't find their 4th point of contact with two hands and a flashlight.

LT Rusty

Oh, it's actually worse than 25%.

You're figuring taxes paid against gross income. Have a look at his forms and then try figuring it against the TAXABLE income instead.

Much, MUCH worse number.


Makes me wonder two things:

Why hasn't he just released the records if there is no big news?

What is in the years that haven't been seen so far?

Nobody likes their personal or business affairs aired in public, but every other President has released them and failure to do so makes an even bigger problem than anything likely to be in the records.

Trump has to realise sooner or later that he's not running a business anymore and the same rules no longer apply.



Why should he? Other than curiosity, what is his obligation?
Obama never released his college transcripts, as every other President does. Can we open the books on the Clinton Foundation? An organization that had direct financial ties to a sitting SECSTATE? Why didn't Hillary release the 33,000 e-mails? Were they not a matter of public record under the law signed by her husband in 1995? (They were.)

You should wonder about a lot more than Trump's taxes when he was a private citizen.

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