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Yep! Today is 5 years since Lex left us. I had been thinking about it over the weekend. I lost a good friend to suicide less than a year earlier. When Tuttle emailed me about it I felt like I'd been punched in the gut, again.


Well said and well written Mr. Barie. I still miss Lex.

...One of his funniest (IMO) stories was about the origins of call signs, especially the fellow with the last name of Seaman...

QM, how is Tuttle? Haven't seen him around the 'tubez in years.

Paul L. Quandt

He is still loved and missed.

Paul L. Quandt


A Good Man.


@Casey. I have no idea. He just disappeared from the innertubez on may 28th 2012 and I haven't heard anything from him since. He made a short post to the Castle, which set off a firestorm because he had said nothing for 2 years. Susan Keating was on pins and needles for reasons I'm not able to divulge at this point, and left her wondering what was going on. He said he went into "Vietnam mode." I have no idea what that means, but he has not answered any email from me since 28 May 2012. He's got a lot of the Milblog world hating on him at the moment.


Art, it's cool when the blogs I read to even older blogs I read lol. Good taste is my storyline. o7

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