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Old AF Sarge

Thanks for sharing that, AO1 Russell. Damn fine job by the crew of a fine ship.

(And thanks for publishing that, XBradTC!)


To your shipmates who gave all, AO1 Russell, thanks for remembering and serving. Add my thanks to XBradTC.

dan h

Thank you, thank you, thank you AO1 Russell. Any time you saw a kid drive by staring at a ship, that was me with my face pressed to the glass.

George V

On all the milblogs we read stories of those who have been awarded medals for valor, and there's many comments about the courage of the honoree expressed in various terms.

No medals mentioned here, but plenty of courage and honor, starting with yours, Petty Officer Russell. Without you and your shipmates, the Enterprise would have been lost. And, we grieve for those lost, but give thanks for their sacrifice.

**Note: I have to say that anyone who handles bombs for a living needs big brass ones just to go to work every day, let alone fight a raging fire.


Courage in very large doses. I will share this with my work colleagues so that they understand that being a US Navy Sailor isn't about SAPR training, this-or-that History Month, or any of the other myriad politically-dictated distractions. It is about the skill and bravery of such men as AO1 Russell and his shipmates.

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Add my deepest admiration & respect.


This is a treasure. Thank you for writing it, and thanks for posting it XBradTC. Sincere respect and gratitude for your service, JW Russell.


It's all about Diversity, URR, donchakno.

I had never heard of this disaster. Perhaps because I was LantFlt and not PacFlt. It wasn't in the DC/FF School syllabus in NorVA.

Joseph Courtemanche

Thank you for your dedication to your ship and Navy. I read this with chills all over my body. Been on a ship or two where the fire was real, never had to fight it myself. But that 1MC call and the flames leaping out of the doorway ten feet away all come roaring back with your tale.

As someone else pointed out, it's not just checking boxes for diversity and tolerance: it's having the guts to save the ship.

Thank you for all that you did. Hand Salute!

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