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Grump Wagon

Nothing, but nothing is historical nor realistic with this game.

Captain Ned

Tier VII? Are there any other true BCs in the game (I play virtually based on what I see here)? Granted, those 8 15"/42 Mark I rifles are nice, but Hood was never modified for the 6crh shells which would add some range (hint, hint).

She doesn't have enough belt to get in close, nor enough deck to avoid long-range plunging fire. Beautiful ship, but best employed against 8" cruisers or less. Certainly has no real reason to take on 15"/16" BBs.

John in Philly

I never heard of the aerial mine system, but I did remember reading about a merchant ship defense that involved a rocket with a trailing cable. In theory the attaching aircraft would run into the trailing cable.
I think I am remember a shipboard version of this system.
Parachute and Cable.

David Fauvelle

I think there was a version of this used for Airdrome protection against low level raiders during the battle of Britain.

Don McCollor

...PAC (parachute and cable)...designed by the British for small ships with no other defense...cable on a parachute..like a temporary balloon..not too effective by itself, but the threat effective in raising the attacking aircraft higher...where the attacks were much less effective...

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