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The Fiji accelerates like a pig, that's why I went behind the Island. Also, i didn't trust the Leander to not run into my torps.
Thanks for the video!

Captain Ned

So the UK not only gave it crappy armor but hobbled its plant as well?

I should know better, as the turrets on their 8" cruisers (Kent/London/Dorset/York) only had 1" armor. When MPG (nautical-style) becomes paramount, true fighting qualities suffer.


Captain Ned,

There's a considerable disconnect between the real world, and the meta of World of Warships. They use various means to attempt to achieve a balance in capabilities across the various tiers of the tech tree.


That one kept me on the edge of my seat. :)

Quick question on the beginning intro which I see on all of your vids looks like some default addition from WoW.

I am wondering just which ship (destroyer I'm guessing) we see at about 7 seconds in. It has three sets of pedestal-mounted torpedo tubes??

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