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CT II Raven

This guy was a total and complete retard
First off, Rusty HAD to be in his view finder when he launched from 1.7 clicks, repeat 1.7 clicks. If Rusty hadn't turned the entire spread would have hit him
Then only by the thinnest of margins he missed the Sims.

All the time in chat he is talking 4 kills when only 3 kills had been made, period.

When I saw Rusty's link this morning I wanted to reach through the screen and wring his neck, until death.

Oh, and his stats are far worse than mine, and that is saying something.

LT Rusty

Yeah, this guy, man. Straight up tard.

They must be putting lead chips in the crayons these days.

Just for the pure fuckery of it, I sent the douchenozzle a link to the video through the in-port chat. I'm sort of an ass that way. :D

LT Rusty

Also, after 3,600 battles, he's only made it to Tier 8, and even that in only 3 tech trees. My kid has the same number of Tier 8 battles as that guy, and he only has 951 fights under his belt!


I am reminded of an old H. Beam Piper saying: "Too stupid to pour sand out of a boot with printed instructions on the heel."

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