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Wholehearted applause. One correction...1st Lt. Robert Kelly was killed in Sangin, Afghanistan.


Carrie, thank you for the correction. Will fix it.


Extremely cool, and he sets a fantastic example for the rest of the Corps to look to.

RE: The adults are in charge

My Dad, a veteran of the Korean War, was originally in 2ndMarDiv until Korea happened and soon found himself, and the rest of ANGLICO, 2ndMarDiv, taking a train to California and becoming 1stMarDiv Marines before heading overseas. He thereafter was a proud 1stMarDiv veteran. His mind is now lost in the fog of dementia, but during one of his last periods of lucidity we had a very fun talk about how 1stMarDiv was running the country with Generals Mattis, Kelly, and Dunford in D.C.

After the ongoing trainwreck of the previous administration, I find it more than a little comforting that three men such as those are in positions of real power. That they are all 1stMarDiv combat veterans is an added bonus. :)

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

It's always said that former Marines can still fit in their dress uniforms many years after retirement. Sixty-one and a sub 5 hour marathon, I'm only six years older and it would take me five days!! What a stud.

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