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The top picture is a DHC-6 Twin Otter.
Just sayin'...


It seems like it is used like the E-2 is used by the air craft carrier.
I wonder if it can also jam various radars and laser equipment?

SFC Dunlap 173RVN

@ChrisP. Avery nice late built variant I'd say....got many a jump out of older models. Love those Twotters!!


See lots of interesting unusual birds pass through the airport I work at. Lots of these King Air's with all sorts of antennae sticking out of them. Some of those are painted like Army birds and some aren't. Lots of blackhawks and those new army eurocopters, highway patrol and/or FBI Stationairs and 182s with those observation pods hanging off the bottom... last week some funny looking hueys with big new looking engines, I thought they were Marines at first but he paint-scheme was all wrong. Turns out they were Canadians!


SFC Dunlap, the Viking Twin Otter Series 400 is built exactly like the Series 300 that DeHav stopped producing in 1988. Viking's first 400 was S/N 845 as the last DeHav Twin Otter was S/N 844, I worked on that one. The avionics are upgraded (GPS didn't exist when DeHav ended production) and the engines are now -34s as Pratt no longer makes new -27s and that's about it.

The 4 bladed props are an aftermarket modification that can be applied to any Twin Otter. The enlarged windows are another mod that was originally engineered to give tourists a better view of the Grand Canyon.

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