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The Boeing P8 airframe would be an interesting choice. I don't know how close Compass Call has to fly to the area it is disrupting to do its magic, but I imagine a P8 would have room for everything the current version carries, plus all the electricity it would need to get the job done, plus a bomb bay that could hold a number of modern Precision Ordnance packages for a standby, standoff interdiction capability as well.

I don't know if that would make it better or worse, or just putting too much in one airframe, but I can imagine it might be useful to have your loiter vehicle running around with a dozen SDBs ready to drop 50 or 60 miles away. It will be interesting to see what they come up with.

Philip Ngai

I would imagine the reasons for choosing a C-130 airframe for the current Compass Call (good fuel efficiency, shorter runway requirements) would still apply.

Do we want an armed Compass Call? Ground attack? Self-defense (Sidewinder)? SEAD? Or maybe use the tried and true combined arms strategy.

LT Rusty

P-8 conversion would be a very interesting choice, FF. You're 100% right. I wouldn't be surprised if the Navy would get onboard with an EP-8, too, and thereby perhaps improve the economics of the project by a decent amount...


LT Rusty:
Hadn't thought about an EP-8, but that's kind of a cool option too. Wow, interesting to see what you can do with a commercial open platform like the 737 / P-8. Lots of options there.

I don't know that the C-130 has what you might call good fuel efficiency. I know it can have tremendous loiter time, but I don't know that that's quite the same thing. In any case, an effective platform for the Compass Call mission in the past.


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