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This is my home city. I returned 4 years ago after 10+ years away. I was here, as a teenager, when the IRA blew the city centre up. This is more evil, though - targeting children and young people at a pop concert. So angry and so upset. It looks like the bomber was Manchester-born, too, of Libyan origin. A 22 yr old man killing 20+ other young people, for what? I'm a teacher now, and our pupils have many friends who were there. They have questions and I don't really have good answers. Pretty numb, to be honest.


They have a name now. Called him British. He may have been born there, but he wasn't British.

Alas, the people who have raised the alarm (more than once) about unassimilated Muslims in Britain and Europe have been slandered as "far right" or "extreme right" radicals. It's the same technique we've seen used against Trump supporters here.

LT Rusty

@Elizzar- Yes. This is far more evil. Say what you like about the Irish--of whatever U/I acronym--they never specifically targeted children or even generic civilians.

CT II Raven

Yet another "lone wolf" according to the, increasingly irrelevant, MSM. They refuse to believe that radical islamists wants to kill us. They remind of the idiot in Die Hard who thinks everything is negotiable, with terrorists


To CT II Raven: the British police and media are not treating it as a "Lone Wolf" attack. We have also raised our national alert status and the military are being deployed to support the police:

Lot of the pupils at my school knew of people at the concert. There's rumours one has lost a family member - it's very raw, and it's very real. The cowards won't win, though.

Cheers guys.



The US news media immediately floated the "lone wolf" conclusion, with George Stephanopolous damn near suggesting the terrorist might not have ever even HEARD of islam.

Yes, the cowards can't win. Either flavor. Those who slaughter innocents in the name of their religion, and those who are apologists for them. The former only slightly more repulsive than the latter.


Cowards? What is so cowardly about intentionally sacrificing your life for what you believe in? I can think of a few other names to call them, but unless you can show me a new definition, coward isn't one of them.



Those who would intentionally target and take the lives of children (or adults) they know to be innocent as a display of what they believe in? Israeli athletes? An old man in a wheelchair? Concert goers in Paris? 3,000 Americans on airplanes and living their daily lives? Cowards. In fact, I can think of no better definition.

Those who FIGHT and die for their beliefs? Different story.


A more recent story quotes two concert-goers (mom & daughter) who saw someone they considered suspicious and alerted security, who lectured them, then asked how they would feel if someone singled them out as suspicious. Then they ignored them.

...Still working the "if you see something, say something concept" over there...


URR, they are evil cowards, who truly are lebensunwerte leben.


That was me, SCOTTtheBadger, where did my Happy Badger picture go?

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