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fracken libturds.
A cancer to this republic. They need to be eliminated, exterminated, and eradicate from the face of the Universe.


You nailed it
The left ALWAYS has been Fascists
The RAT Party is too far gone, and will be killed stone dead by summer I'm predicting, with the continuing infantile screaming and spazoid tantrums combined with their 'friends' in the RAT Propaganda Ministry/Media. It will not kill THEM dead though



@Heltau: ...Which is exactly what they're saying about Breitbart. You are different from them in what way?

@KenH: the left vs. right paradigm has been broken since the end of the 18th century. There is no single scalar value which reliably maps the "right" from the "left," hence your pronouncement is false.

Besides which it becomes tiring to read the latest BS from the "right" as it is the "left." Neither Socialist nor Communists are Fascists. The latter two are both totalitarian, yes, but there are at least as many differences as similarities. It's the flip side of liberal/progressives calling conservative/libertarians "Nazis," another emotionally-comforting, bias-confirming insult.

Sorry. It's a pet peeve with me.

Also, good luck on "the RATS" (one assumes you are referring to the Democratic Party) being stone dead by summer. Sooner or later saner heads will prevail, even if it takes several electoral cycles to occur.


The Left is rapidly forming it's Sturmabteilungen. They are wearing black rather than brown, but stormtroopers they remain.

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