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CT II Raven

The Vulcan is one of my favorite aircraft.

One night while I was at NAS Kef one took off and later climbed through broken clouds backlit by a full moon - one of the most awesome sights I have seen but unfortunately long, long before smart phones so no pictures.

Was fortunate to see the last one fly last year, before it was grounded

If you are ever on the right coast, the 8th AF museum just South of the Savannah airport is recommended.
BTW, there is thing called a "clutch" - might save on metal wear within the tranny ... :)

Paul L. Quandt

Thanks for the post, the photos are great. Yes, the Evergreen Museum is awesome. Sorry I didn't know you were going to be in my area; I would have been pleased to buy you a beverage of your choice. Perhaps the next time you are up this way.

Paul L. Quandt

ron snyder

Wow, sounds like it has been an Adventure! Makes one appreciate the hum-drum pace of ordinary life. Your WoW opponents probably liked the break....


You're just full of excuses today.

Seriously, I wouldn't mind going to castle, but it's in Kalifornia. I want to get out to see a friend near Durango, CO, and might head south from there to the Pima Air Museum.

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Sometimes the road rises up to meet you, other times...not so much. You did get to see all those aircraft!


When Xbad said he was going to work on a farm I remembered all those pets that went to live on a farm as a child.

I am glad to see he is still kicking

LT Rusty

QM- I'm not a big fan of the Democratic People's Republic of Kalifornia either, but Castle Air Museum is rather nice, and it has the notable advantage of being located in a part of the DPRK that's as close to being in Free America as you can find.

Which, since Mrs. Rusty doesn't want to leave the DPRK, that's a rather convenient aspect.

Xbrad- You're always welcome, any time. 'Twas pleasant--not to mention sommat novel--to have company that I don't dislike. It's almost too bad that your truck is going to be ready so soon... couple more weeks, they'll have that B-58 up and ready.

CT II Raven

ohh, a Hustler on display!
might have to put that on the To Do list


Rusty, I've got a former Oregonians dislike of Kalifornia, not mention a number of accretions on that dislike since the early 60s. We drove through Kalifornia when my father was on the way to a new duty station at Adair AFS near Corvallis, OR a bit before John Glen's space shot, and was on vacation when we drove as far south as Eureka. The place wasn't too bad, but the refugee stream had already begun to come up from SoCal.

Only other time I've been in the DPRK was in '11 for a Surveyor's convention and Lex meetup in San Dog. I doubt I'll get to old Castle AFB. I would like to visit old Adair just to look around. The only places my father was stationed that hasn't been closed are Lackland and Ramstein.


Bummer about the gearbox. : (

McMinnville is fantastic. You are right about the difficulty truly appreciating the scale of the Spruce Goose. It kinda hit me when I saw the B-17 Flying Fortress sort of tucked up the back under the tailplane.


So, I MIGHT ask, with that first image, how they managed to get both ends of the horse in the same picture. But I prolly shouldn't.

LT Rusty

URR- we could also ask how Matthew Broderick feels about our host stealing his wife life that. But we prolly shouldn't do that, either.


So, is the Jeep back in your hands?

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