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The film has been on You Tube for several years. I downloaded it about 2-3 years ago. No idea why it was "restored" as the quality of the film I got was pretty good.

LT Rusty

Ah, yes! The education of the progeny.

The Boy is learning. Slowly, to be sure, but he's learning.

Just this weekend, we watched a couple of solid educational features, in fact! First one was a Spielberg-directed documentary* on the immediate post-Pearl Harbor panic that gripped the west coast and covered the Zoot Suit Riots. Fascinating film. After that, we had a look at an examination of employment, social interaction, finding (and losing) love, and all sorts of interesting things relevant to being a late-teens/early-20's sort of person.** We followed this up with the beginning of a picture about collegiate social environments***, though it was getting too late in the day and we didn't get to finish it.

I suspect that The Fighting Lady will get queued up this weekend, though, in honor of Memorial Day.

** Mallrats
*** Animal House

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