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Paul L. Quandt

One of the advantages is that many cruise ships are only at sea for days, not weeks or months.

Paul L. Quandt


Thanks, I enjoyed that video. Amazing, they even combat-load the bananas.

My next question is, naturally, what happens to all that food after it is eaten? Is there a video for that, too?

Some answere;

"For a large cruise ship, about 8 tons of solid waste are generated during a one-week cruise.[38] It has been estimated that 24 percent of the solid waste generated by vessels worldwide (by weight) comes from cruise ships.[39] Most cruise ship garbage is treated on board (incinerated, pulped, or ground up) for discharge overboard."

Captain Ned

I look at what is going out to the main dining rooms, then I look at the crew buffet with at least a dozen different ethnic foods and I'd much rather eat at the crew buffet than the main dining room. Pretty sure that's not an option.

Of course, the chances of me ever agreeing to be sentenced to a week on a Caribbean party barge are zero anyways, and SWMBO knows it.


My other half has wanted to go on a cruise for years. So far, I've escaped such a prison sentence.

jack burton

Many of the staff of these cruise ships are Filipino. When our half-Filipina daughter and her husband went on a cruise she got the royal treatment from the staff. They made sure she got the best of everything.

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Cruises are awesome. We have taken seven and would like to do more: Caribbean, Baltic, Alaska, and Greece. I highly recommend them. As for the food, it is good but some of the cruise lines opt for cheaper buffet style that is not as high quality. The tradeoff is that it is much faster.


" cheaper buffet style that is not as high quality."

Then again, there is the old saying "Quantity has a quality all its own". Gourmands like myself live by that slogan. Just one of the 7 deadly sins I am, alas, afflicted by.


Wow! That's so much food.

Captain Ned


There is but one cruise line, Carnival, which has 10 separate brands:

Holland America
P&O Australia


When I look at a cruise liner, and think about the above/below waterline ratio of the hull. and on board weight, the metacentric height of a cruise liner must be measured in centimeters, and with the sail area of the hull, the only things keeping it upright in anything but a dead calm must be the stabilizers. I believe that someday, one of those things is gonna roll on them.

Captain Ned


They get their stability by going wide. Really wide. As in "we don't care about Panamax wide". The Royal Caribbean "Oasis-Class", currently the largest out there, have a waterline beam of 154 feet, compared to the "Iowa-class" BBs at 108 feet to fit through the Canal.

When I researched this issue I found that their captains don't like driving them empty, as their wide beam makes them very "snappy", essentially with an excess of metacentric height and a too-fast return to vertical. The articles I found do say that sail area and windage can be issues, but none of the articles mentioned suspect stability issues (much to my surprise).


Thank you, Captain Ned. I had not considered that they would have a righting arm long enough to give them a snap return. But upon pondering, with that kind of beam, I can see where they could. They better keep the Denny Brown stabilizers in shape!

Car carriers are the same shape as cruise liners, albeit smaller, and they have occasional stability problems:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MV_Cougar_Ace

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