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SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Hackshaw Ridge all over. Had a Supply Sergeant (SSG) who after retiring told me he had been a C.O. his whole career. Did everything/anything for his unit, just couldn't "launch bullets." That's pretty much my idea of a C.O.

Paul L. Quandt

Thanks for the post.

Paul L. Quandt

Joe Bar

You should look up how the British treated bomber aircrew that refused to fly. "Lack of moral fiber."

As opposed to how the US treated them. We were much nicer.

John in Philly

I was working a summer job for the state of Pennsylvania in '66 and ran across several COs that were working with the mentally handicapped in lieu of the draft. Even at the age of 16 it didn't take long to see the difference between the COs that were honest in their convictions, and the one exception that was a draft dodger.


Everywhere I've been in the military and as a military dependent, those who did not carry their weight were shunned. On the ship and in a Tank were the places that I saw this demonstrated most strongly.


I had a clown medic go AWOL just before we deployed to Iraq in '03. His dad made him come back a day or two before we flew. He dragged his feet and generally sucked at everything. I tried to rehab him but he even failed when we were bringing real casualties into the aid station. About this time he figured out that he was a failure at life and tried to OD on Tylenol which can really mess you up. I made the medics leave him sitting in a chair in the aid station and do nothing so everyone else could see him let everybody down (and watch him so he wouldn't try killing himself again). I was just going to chapter him out after a couple AR15s so I took him to brigade legal in Baghdad one day and he about died (of fear) when a local stepped onto the sidewalk and fired a celebratory burst of AK magazine into the air. Despite my generous plan to just kick him out and take his benefits, the day i switched out of command, he punched either the medical PL or PSG and the new CDR went ahead and court martialed him. Funny thing, we had a conversation in about June of 03 in which he told me that he just thought the whole Iraq thing was going to wind up blowing up in our faces, which is why he had gone AWOL. Guess he knew what he was talking about.....even if it meant sacrificing any shred of respect anybody had ever had for him.

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

OUTSTANDING esli!!!!!!

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