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I have always wondered how the M3 Bradley, a 9+ ft. tall, 12 ft. wide, 600 hp. diesel vehicle does "stealthy" reconnaissance. The M60 tank, for comparison, was 12 ft. wide, 10.5 ft. tall, and had a 750 hp diesel engine.


My experience watching battalions fight at JMRC for two years was that they consistently low-balled counter recon with the result that they were inevitably torn up by the OPFOR. Usually they would task the scout platoon with a screen and call it good even though the scouts could not screen that frontage or maintain it for sufficient duration. The units defending behind this less-than-robust screen would then make no effort at local security. OPFOR would infiltrate to the rear, on unit seams, or to a unit flank to observe, report, and call for fires when appropriate.


Playing "Aggressor" (oldspeak for OPFOR. I even had an official US Army Aggressor uniform.) was my favorite thing. It always surprised me how the basics like light & noise discipline and camouflage, were ignored. As you say, local security was usually pitiful. My theory is that leaders were too busy doing admin work, making map overlays, planning, and all that other more important stuff.


I would think a Bradley and it's crew could do a fair amount of Counter-Reconnaissance.

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