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CT II Raven

Thanks! Since I've tied my horse to the F-35 always good to see it fly

Almost seemed like a Chuck Yeager wanna be (FTS Grad) was flying it - very, very mechanical flight control inputs, not smooth at all.

I'd like to see more than two high alpha maneuvers.

In general though, not a jet for air demonstrations

(BTW, THE best aero demo I ever saw was a line pilot flying the A-10 - he made that jet sing and clearly demonstrated the jet's capability. One example, took off at the old England AFB (LA) on 04, rotated, cleaned up and wrapped the jet around the control tower at cab height - VERY impressive

George V

The horizontal stabs do move a lot. Maybe if you flap them fast enough you go faster? Sort of like a diver's fins :-)

What struck me was how visible the afterburner plume is from pretty much all angles and well off centerline. Seem brighter than other afterburner equipped jets I've seen in airshow vids, or what I remember seeing in shows.

Wandering Neurons

Nice to see the F-35 flying airshow finally. Keep in mind, the flight envelope is still limited, it'll take a few more years till it's expanded to full potential/G-limits. Hence, limited operations. But note the large amount of horizontal stab inputs that the pilot makes. Is it necessary, or as commented, just a ham-fisted pilot?

CTII Raven

GV that is a BAE (Big Assed Engine), not as big as the Foxbat's but damn it's big.

Wish I had a picture of BAE Systems' aft fuselage and the aft engine support frame, freaking huge opening,

The Dutchman

I am afraid I have to agree with most of the posts to date. I have been to quite a lot of air shows in my lifetime, and nothing about this demonstration is smooth. If you watch the landing, the pilots last moments before final wheels down is jerky and way too much movement before touchdown.

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

As a porpoise. Agree with A-10 demo statement as I witnessed a Warthog totally wring itself out at an air air show.


I am impressed! (With the quality of home-video...) if i had filmed this, about a third would be out-of-focus footage of a blurry jet in the foreground, alternating with long shots of a tiny dot that then zooms in to empty sky and pans back and forth looking for the jet (which would then quickly pass through the shot before disappearing again).

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