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AND, the added bonus of seeing a bunch of retarded spazoids explode all over themselves in the ongoing infantile screamo-fest. AND .... IT Kicks Latte Jesus right in his fake porcelin death-head grin with a steel boot and obliterates most of his "legacy"



I would argue that a president can conduct his foreign policy as he sees fit and domestic policy within the laws written by Congress. If a treaty isn't submitted to and approved by the Senate it is meaningless. The president can follow the terms of the treaty, within the limits of his power, but any subsequent president can brush it aside because it's now law, only policy

ron snyder

One more appointment like Gorsuch on the SC and perhaps then this and other issues could be brought before the Supremes.


Is the constitution in force, other than form? I hadn't noticed of late.

The left honors the constitution only when it is convenient to them. Otherwise, they ignore it. FedGov has no constitutional authority to do better than 95% of what FedGov does. Foreign relations, war, and interstate commerce is the limit of their purview.


It's going to be amusing how this pans out. You have 3 states now pandering to the spazoid retards about "we will have our own commitment to the Paris "treaty" " forgeting, UTTERLY that this is explicitly forbidden by Black-Letter Constitutional Law. Oh, so sweet

Eric Wilner

So, um.
This means that the President and any one foreign price or potentate can sign an agreement that supersedes the U. S. Constitution?
And the President is allowed to prevent the Senate from having any say in the matter?
When Melania talks her husband into signing an agreement with the Pope to ban not only abortion but most forms of contraception, the Progressives will be totally cool with this, right?



DING DING DING DING DING!!!! We have a winner. I am crafting a post on precisely your idea of a concordat with the Pope. And wondering what the objections would be...




Such a "Concordat" would be utterly delicious. Although I would enjoy seeing libtard heads asploding (a particularly delicious form of daily 'Splodey) the idea is too dangerous to carry out.

Needless to say, the Treaty on Treaties is just as invalid as the Paris accord on the global warming/climate change hoax.

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