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CT II Raven

I think there should be a live weapons test - might I suggest a certain airfield in Syria ...


Not just the airfield in syria, every 5 square feet of syria drop a JDAM in it. Then let GOD sort it out.
Then see if any missiles fly toward Israel or any place else.

LT Rusty

There was supposed to have been an earth-shattering kaboom. Where was the earth-shattering kaboom?


"Where was the earth-shattering kaboom?"

Damn Bugs is at it again. :)


Always one of my favorite videos.


Isn't that just like the Air Farce to piss away millions of dollars of ordnance on a fake news kind of demonstration. 1 JDAM was enough to show "on target" the rest were a total waste of resources.

I'm actually surprised they didn't "accidently" drop a nuke that somehow wandered into the bomb rack all by itself.

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