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CTII Raven

The TF-41 had its own issues. One blade row was infamous for discharging blades.
I would sub,it that the A-7 was the easiest to maintain of its generation.

George V

Back in the day I heard someone say that the A-7E had a lot of capability and didn't need two aircrew to fly it like the F-4 and F-14. It only needed 1 and 1/2 people.

CT II Raven

That could explain the roaches I found in the cockpit after cross-country trips to & from Red Flag ...


The Vigilante beat the Corsair to operational status with a HUD.


I worked on the APQ-126 forward looking radar during 1971 to 1990. Mostly AIMD, worked on the sweep genator of the system and later the whole system along with fixing the test equipment that we ran the radar boxes on. It was a very nice radar for the amount of electronics it was made out of. It was made by Texas Interments. (TI)
TI made a modification on the radar set around 1975 or so and this make it work and respond so much better that the pilots would remark that they could pick up birds flying through the radar beam as targets. Plus the amount of incoming work on the radar dropped about 80 per cent for the AQ work center. That was nice because you could take more time in testing the equipment coming in than you did before the modification was done.

Captain Ned


Patrick Carroll

"When your out of Corsairs, you're out of fighters."

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