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Not much to say except "Well written."

...If one is an especially tender-hearted snowflake, one might be upset that Dunkirk didn't include stories about womyns and people of color. I'm not kidding, some critics are complaining the movie is all about white men.

Jeez louise.


Nice post, URR. It's a film mostly about a British event (disaster in many ways), filmed by a British director. Around 75% (ore more) of those rescued were British - working class British young men at that. There were, as you say, around 100,000 non-Brits rescued too, including French and some Polish I believe. The RN and RAF fought to evacuate as many as they could, supported by unarmed civilians in "little boats" - many of whom were too young or too old to be soldiers. Quite a few were Great War veterans, too. The French politicians can sod off with their complaining; I think a lot of the older French, Belgian and Dutch public still remember and are thankful for their Allied (Brits, US and Canadians mostly, with some Free French) liberators in 1944+. The Soviets - well, when you think 20 million plus Russians died, I think that says it all. They were close to losing Stalingrad and Moscow, and even through 1940/1 were being supported by the British and American winter convoys. "Enemy at the Gates" is a good film to watch for the way the officers and commissars treated the common soldier. I hope to go and see Dunkirk next week sometime with my dad.


The French: "Cheese eating surrender monkeys."

Paul L. Quandt

After reading Berzkr50's comment, I have nothing to add.

Paul L. Quandt


To be fair, the poor poilu suffered from appalling leadership rather than lack of courage or willingness to fight.



Agreed. One cannot study the Battle of France and have anything but empathy for the poor French rankers. Nor much but contempt for most, if not all, the senior military and political leadership.


"Wehrmacht captured nearly 2.7 MILLION Soviet soldiers in the great encirclements at Kiev, Smolensk, Briansk, Vyazma"

And the ones who survived German captivity, Stalin had them shot or sent to the gulag for cowardice and treason.


Agree with Tim. More than enough froggies were ready to hop when it came to Resistance, when the average expected life of a Maquis fighter was 6 months.

Jean Moulin was twice arrested & tortured by the Gestapo, having never given anyone up. He died during the second incarceration in 1943. Moulin was tortured to death.


And the Russians were of course allies of the Nazis in 1940


Swartzkopf had a great deal of respect for the French Foreign Legion.They performed well in Desert Storm and made Swartzkopf and honorary Legionaire after it was all over.

Stalin was an idiot and suffered the typical weaknesses of a supreme tyrant. Frankly, As Victor Suvarov said, to the effect, had Hitler treated the Russians like humans, Stalin would never have been able to win. Russians would have turned on Stalin like the rabid dog he was.



You realize, of course, that other than the Officer Corps, very few Legionnaires are French...

Ron Snyder

Good post URR. Educational. I've not seen the movie yet either.


I'll add that Nolan made the concious choice to focus mostly on the British experience. One also doesn't see any Germans in the movie, either. Or so I've read. Haven't seen it yet, but supposedly the IMAX version is fantastic.

In fact Nolan made several choices which upset the nit-pickers. For example, German fighters didn't feature yellow noses until after the evacuation, but Nolan wanted to make it easier on the audience to ID the planes.



Of course I know.

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