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Treason indeed
Nothing the RAT scumbags haven't been doing for decades
Back to the SWIMMER asking the Soviets for help deposing Ronnie.


She looks like she is paying close attention to what is being said yest she doesn't speak a single word of English according to press reports.

I was reminded of the Godfather scene where the Corleones bring Frankie Pantangelo's brother from Sicily to sit behind him.

Frankie, having been talkative before, clams up completely.

John Henry

The Dutchman

I do notice in the picture, that her eyes are rather focused on the screen of the MacBook sitting rather openly in front of the Ambassador. I wonder just what was on display for her to read?

LT Rusty

Jesus. She's not paying attention to the MacBook *or* the testimony. Look at her hands. She's doing something with her phone.

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