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CTII Raven

Most , if not all the people on the ship as volunteers play her on WOWS

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Lived in Austin for 33 years thus your pictorial was fun looking for me. However comma your taste in single grain smokey Scotch is to be commended, you obviously are a gentleman of high calibre.


The taste in Scotch was purely Mr. Aggierican's. And I was only allowed half a shot glass.

Mostly I made do with Maker's Mark. Which, that's still a cut above my usual.


"A Dong"

At last, truth in advertising. Our neighbors are Chinese, and they like to take us to an honest-to-Moses authentic Chinese restaurant. Unfortunately, the menus have English translations. My wife has the good fortune of being a vegetarian.

Like I said, truth in advertising.

Paul L. Quandt

Thank you for a fascinating post.

Paul L. Quandt


Looks like a fun little jaunt through a nice size chunk of flyover country!


You do realize Mrs. Peel and I live scant miles from there and you made no effort to connect. I frown sir. Frown quite broodingly.

Aaron's been to the Texas and SJ Monument, but not Sam. I've made noises about joining the volunteer force once Aaron is old enough to appreciate a little extra access. Sam will get his turn eventually. In the meantime, I need to get down to Galveston to see the sub and Edsall class they have parked down there.


I've been by the Vulcan statue many times before I-65 was finished. On our annual pilgrimages to see family, the drive from Nashville to Montgomery, AL took us right by the Statue.

It's been sometime since I visited the Texas. 1970, to be exact. You have seen more of the ship that i could. Texas did a lot of work on the old girl a few years back and they have apparently opened up more of the ship than was open when I was aboard. The Wardroom, for example, was not open to the public in '70.

When my father was stationed at Lackland we never went to the Museum at Fort Sam. few USAF types did. They don't want to be caught slumming among the ground bound riff raff.

Randolph is a strange place. When we lived in San Antonio, Randolph was not a flight training base. It was one of the few places that still had a few T-33s in 1970. never saw a T-38 there. Flight training has come and gone several times over the years at Randolph. It has been the HQ of the USAF Air Training Command for as far back as I can remember, tho.

The Armorer was stationed at Fort Sam for a period of time.

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