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The return of the shrapnel round.

Not long ago the viability of tanks on the modern battlefield was questioned. Things like this make me question the viability of Infantry on the modern battlefield.

Captain Ned

Well, one of those with command detonation would certainly improve my dick/goose hunting odds. Any idea on the pellet size? With 180,000 crammed in there they must be somewhat small.

Captain Ned

Duck. Ugh.

R Brown

The original design for the 3 nations (US, UK, FRG) was for the submunition rockets, the AT-2 tank mine dispensing rocket. During the final troop test phase of the first US battery, I was as a DS/GS repairer sent to a Dev meeting as the rep for DS/GS repairers, and heard the Program Mngr (O-6) talk about follow on warheads of Smoke, Binary Chemical. The officers and civilians, didn't like my comment that the DS/GS repairer who was supposed to deploy with, and follow the MLRS battery, didn't have a designed truck to carry ALL the tools (US Standard and Meteric) and COSTLY spare modules, or a quick way to rotate and lock a disabled LLM (Launcher Loader Module) around to the stowed condition so the vehicle could be evacuated for major repairs/rebuild. We did one test with a Sears ratchet wrench and it flat wore out 4 DS/GS maintainers and took several hours to hand ratchet the turret around and lower and lock it for travel.
Lockheed over engineerd to stupid requirements. Fire control extension cable so the troops could fire from outside the vehicle with a 25 meter cable. Irreguardless of the fact that the danger zone of the exhaust from the rockets was 50meters or more iirc.

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