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Ron Snyder

Using as many Off-The-Shelf items as possible should be a no-brainer. Guess for DOD it is the NIH syndrome. Seems like you did enjoy the entree- having the dish a bit spicier sounds good to me.

Thanks for the review! Israeli and French field rations would be interesting.


Such stories you tell. Everyone knows the Brits carry Bully Beef and Biscuit.

Jack ( in Oak Harbor )

I hope you didn't pay anything for that. I don't think the MOD would approve.
It does appear that you liked that entree....you didn't leave much on the tray.
Looking forward to the next installment.

Paul L. Quandt

Very good and informative video. One small quibble however; early on you said " GI issue ", which is a redundancy.

I eagerly await viewing the entire series of videos on rations.

Paul L. Quandt


Very well done!! I started watching, figuring I would not last for the whole 23+ minutes, but found myself "drawn in" with your "laid back" style of narration. I look forward to the future videos you're planning! cheers, chuck

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